The Sleeping Bag Slippers – constructed like miniature sleeping bags for the feet

Are you looking for the perfect slippers for your tired feet that you can wear around the house or a pair of slippers that you can wear for travel?

Try these uniquely designed slippers constructed perfectly in order to provide your feet the comfort it needs just like a sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Slippers

The Sleeping Bag Slippers

These slippers are equipped with soft nylon insulated uppers partnered with slip resistant function so you move around freely and conveniently, it can even be adjusted so you’ll have that perfect fit every time, thanks to its elasticized lockable ties, enjoying warmth while providing a secure grip when walking around in a relaxed manner is now possible anytime.

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Sleeping Bag Slippers 2

The Sleeping Bag Slippers is made with sturdy fabric outsole that are also water resistant and lightweight that makes it perfect for going in and out even on different types of surfaces and best of all, they’re machine washable and air dry. Simply select the best size for your feet, choose your preferred color and you’re good to go.

You can buy these slippers constructed like sleeping bags for the feet for only $64.95 with lifetime guarantee.