The 25 Pair Shoe Rack Turntower – rotates a full 360° for easy access to all footwear

Are you looking for ways on how to organize your shoes collection? Try the 25 Pair Shoe Rack Turntower.

This elegantly designed wooden shoe tower is capable of storing up to 25 pairs of shoes, it is even capable of rotating up to 360 degrees so owners can easily store and access all their favorite footwear every time.

Shoe Rack Turntower

The 25 Pair Shoe Rack Turntower

This wooden shoe rack is equipped with 5 levels where each are subdivided carefully in 5 cubby holes for storing large men or women’s shoes, simply spin the turntower and you’re on your way to locating your favorite pair of shoes without any problem.

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Shoe Rack Turntower 2

The 25 Pair Shoe Rack is very easy to use as compared to using shoe boxes and because it has a compact design, keeping the shoes in order and keeping it tidy will not be a problem and best of all, it is made with birch veneer partnered with rich walnut stain. Weighs only 53 1/4lbs and only measures 30×23 inches in height and diameter respectively.

You can buy this elegant wooden tower for only $279.96 with lifetime guarantee.