The Gentleman’s Adjustable Width Stability Shoes – provide relief and superior stability to those with diabetic neuropathy

These adjustable width shoes are your perfect answer in getting relief of your damaged feet nerves simply because besides providing relief to your diabetic problem, these shoes are also designed to provide superior stability every time.

Adjustable Width Stability Shoes

These stability shoes even feature a hands stitched leather uppers partnered with sturdy polyurethane outsole all designed to absorb impact and even help you improve stability and because these shoes have deeper and wider toe box as compared to ordinary footwear, you can always be sure that they will not constrict your feet.

Adjustable Width Stability Shoes 2

The Gentleman’s Adjustable Width Stability Shoes already comes with cushioned insoles and allows the owner to use their preferred custom orthotics and outsole that are non-skid. Simply select the size and color and you’re good to go.