The Lady’s Adjustable Width Neuropathy Deck Shoes – the adjustable-width deck shoes designed to provide relief to those with diabetic neuropathy

Are you suffering from diabetic neuropathy and are looking for ways on how to provide relief? Use the Lady’s Adjustable Width Neuropathy Deck Shoes. (Available Here for only $159.95)

These adjustable nautical shoes are your perfect answer simply because they’re equipped with wider and deeper toe boxes as compared to ordinary boating footwear out there.

Neuropathy Deck Shoes

Ideal for neuropathy sufferers who are always afraid of chafing and blistering problem, these adjustable-width deck shoes will not constrict feet, thanks also to its cushioned insoles which also allows the user to use their favorite custom orthotics, it even supports the wearer’s arch and can easily distribute weight just to lessen pressure points and of course to help improve one’s biomechanics.

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Neuropathy Deck Shoes 2

The Lady’s Adjustable Width Neuropathy Deck Shoes are very light yet easily absorbs hard impact, thanks also to its arch stabilizer, providing the wearer with an enhanced support every time will not be a problem and best of all, it has a textured high traction rubber sole so users will have a firm grip even on wet surfaces. Weighs only 2.5lbs.

You can buy these adjustable-width deck shoes for only $159.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.