The Washable Leather Walking Shoes – a machine washable athletic shoes

Looking for a washable shoes that can perfectly provide optimal walking performances at the same time maintain its suppleness, color and odor even after repeated laundering? Use the washable leather walking shoes, a comfortable high performance walking shoes designed uniquely so you can conveniently machine wash the shoes after every use.

With washable leather walking shoes, now you can easily get rid of dirt and odors simply by washing it on a gentle cycle and air dry, thanks to its special tanning process, using detergents on every wash cycles will not be a problem.

The Washable Leather Walking Shoes

The Washable Leather Walking Shoes

Besides its washable functionality, this washable walking shoes also uses a molded EVA footbed designed to withstand and absorb shock while cradling your foot for optimal performance and comfort specially during vigorous wailks.

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This slip-on shoes already comes with a built-in arch and heel support while its padded neoprene collar allows the owner to easily insert foot. This durable walking shoes also features a rubber outsole and sturdy treads for confident footing every time.


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