The Superior Button Down Pajamas – made from bamboo, sought for its silky softness, luxurious hand, and resilient durability

Are you looking for a set of pajamas for your sensitive skin? Try this skin friendly Superior Button Down Pajamas. (AVAILABLE HERE)

This 2-piece set button down pajamas is your perfect answer simply because besides its durability and unique benefits not found in most pajama fabrics, this perspiration absorbent pajamas are also equipped with skin friendly properties to help you get the best and most comfortable pajamas every time.

Superior Button Down Pajamas

Capable of providing superior temperature regulation just to keep you cooler even in different types of weather conditions, feeling relaxed and in a perfect mood starting from your body down to your legs will not be a problem.

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Superior Button Down Pajamas 2

The Superior Button Down Pajamas even comes with a unique buttoning placket, a shirttail hem, breast pocket and best of all, it has a full length pants with side seam pockets and elasticized waist. Simply choose the best size and you’re good to go.

You can buy this two-piece set pajamas for only $19.95.