The Spring Loaded Leather Loafers – A full-grain leather slip-ons with shock-absorbing springs in the soles

The Spring Loaded Leather Loafers [SOURCE] is designed to help wearer’s relieves the stress and fatigue after walking, running or even standing.

Thanks to the leather slip-ons uniquely designed shock absorbing springs built right into the shoe’s soles where each shoe is equip with spring right in the heel and 2 in the forefoot perfect for relieving stress and fatigue.

The Spring Loaded Leather Loafers

The full-grain leather slip-ons patented springs on the other hand is perfect for returning energy and further lessening the strain on the wearer’s feet specially on casual walkers or for those who stand on their feet during the rest of the day.

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The Spring Loaded Leather Loafers are better than any ordinary athletic shoes equip with foams or gels used for cushioning because the spring inside these shoes will never break down or degrade and best of all, it already comes with detachable memory foam footbed and abrasion resistant carbon rubber outsole to make sure wearer’s will have confident footing every time.

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