The Poolside Penny Loafers – An ultralight and breathable loafers with unique top and bottom ventilation

The Poolside Penny Loafers [VIDEO] is not just capable of providing top to bottom ventilation on the owner’s feet but at the same time it is very light and breathable as compared to other loafers out there.

Perfect for island hoping, sailing or even lounging at your favorite pool, the penny loafer’s unique and perforated insoles partnered with mesh uppers will see to it that wearer’s will have optimal airflow in order to keep and help dry wet feet.

The Poolside Penny Loafers

The Poolside Penny Loafers

This poolside loafers even features a cushioned injection molded outsole that’s separated into different pods to help the wearer get better flexibility and perfect bounce enabling one to get back lost energy while on the ground.

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The Poolside Penny Loafers also comes with detachable molded fabric insole partnered with very smooth upper and best of all, the loafer’s uniquely molded and textured rubber outsole will provide extra security specially on slippery surfaces.

Watch the loafers in action [HERE].