The Men’s Heated Fleece Hoodie – the zip-up fleece hoodie with heating elements

Are you looking for a perfect hoodie with a heating element to protect you from winter mornings? Try the Men’s Heated Fleece Hoodie. (Available Here for only $139.95)

This uniquely designed zip-up fleece hoodie is your perfect answer simply because besides its integrated heating elements attached strategically so you can enjoy a powerful boost of warmth especially when the temperature starts to drop.

Heated Fleece Hoodie

The Men’s Heated Fleece Hoodie

Equipped with 4 heat settings, this zip-up hoodie is perfect because it is capable of spreading the warmth evenly across the wearer’s chest, back and to both pockets for up to 20hrs on its lowest heating mode.

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Heated Fleece Hoodie 2

The Men’s Heated Fleece Hoodie’s integrated powerbank on the other hand allows the owner to recharge a phone and tablet and best of all, it is very soft and comfortable to wear. 

You can buy this zip-up hoodie with an integrated heating element for only $139.95.