The Lightweight Sunscreen T-Shirt – blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays and its skin protecting benefits do not wash out

The Lightweight Sunscreen T-Shirt (Available Here) is equipped with UPF 50 rating to provide the wearer the best protection from UV radiation not to reach the user’s skin, just perfect if you plan to have some fun this summer.

This t-shirt is unique because it combines the best functionality and comfort, thanks to the shirt’s lightweight and specially blend bamboo viscose and cotton fabric uniquely embedded with minerals to get that perfect sunscreen ingredients.

Lightweight Sunscreen T-Shirt

The Lightweight Sunscreen T-Shirt

This lightweight t-shirt is capable of blocking up 98 percent of harmful UV A and B rays while its skin protection feature will not wash out enough to protect your skin all throughout the summer.

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Lightweight Sunscreen T-Shirt1

The Sunscreen T-Shirt is machine washable and tumble dry and best of all, it comes in different sizes like M up to XXL and color choices of white, gray and blue.

You can buy this t-shirt that blocks 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB rays for only $49.95.