The Ice Gripping Insulated Boots – three times more slip-resistant on ice than ordinary rubber

The Ice Gripping Insulated Boots (available here) are unique because it is equipped with a slip resistant outsole that is 3x slip resistant on ice as compared with ordinary ice boots out there.

Thanks to the boot’s patented outsole partnered with grippy geometric tread technology crafted in Canada designed to help you walk naturally and confidently even on slick ice or on sidewalks and streets full covered with ice or snow.

Ice Gripping Insulated Boots

The Ice Gripping Insulated Boots

These Ice Gripping Boots even feature a multi layered insulation function and an EVA midsole perfectly tested even in frigid winters just to make sure wearers of the boots have feet that will stay comfortable every time even in dry or warm climate.

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Ice Gripping Insulated Boots1

The slip resistant on ice Insulated Boots genuine leather on the other hand have a collar and unique lacing system so owners can secure the boots in perfect fit every time, just select the perfect size for your feet and you’re good to go.

You can buy slip resistant on ice insulated boots for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.