The Genuine Aran Wool Poncho – the poncho knit of 100% worsted wool

Are you looking for a garment made of woolen cloth that can be worn in order to cover your back, chest and even your upper arms to keep them warm? Try the Genuine Aran Wool Poncho. (Available Here)

This genuine poncho knit is unique because besides it is made with 100 percent Aran Wool, it is also perfect for providing the wearer the modern look especially when covering important body parts.

Genuine Aran Wool Poncho

The Genuine Aran Wool Poncho

This poncho even features a slit right in the middle of the head and upper arms just to provide the wearer enough room to move the head and hands, perfect when you want to carry something or even hold your favorite dog’s leash.

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Genuine Aran Wool Poncho 2

This Genuine Poncho Knit is very easy to clean be it dry clean or thru washing with hands and best of all, it comes in different colors.

You can buy this genuine poncho knit for only $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.