The Gentlemen’s Spring-Loaded Running Shoes – A running shoes with shock-absorbing springs that relieve the stress and fatigue of running

The Gentlemen’s Spring-Loaded Running Shoes [SOURCE] is equipped with uniquely springs designed to perfectly absorb shock in order to relieve fatigue and stress of running.

These running shoes uses 2 patented stainless steel springs strategically located at the forefoot and heel so it can perfectly return the wearer’s energy from each stride simply by recycling the energy back to the wearer.

The Gentlemen's Spring-Loaded Running Shoes 1

The Gentlemen’s Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

Unlike ordinary running shoes out there that uses gel for cushioning, these springs not just lessen the feet strain but at the same time sturdy enough and never break down or degrade even to the hardest and most daring action you’ve always wanted.

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The Gentlemen's Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

The Gentlemen’s Spring-Loaded Running Shoes are also equipped with injection molded EVA foam midsoles that work religiously and simultaneous with the springs for maximum resiliency and effective cushioning every time and best of all, its detachable EVA footbed enables orthotic use.

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