The Gentleman’s Neuropathy Sandals – the fisherman sandals designed to provide relief to those with diabetic neuropathy

Looking for a sandal that will help you find relief with your diabetic feet? Wear the Gentleman’s Neuropathy Sandals, a uniquely designed fisherman sandals capable of giving relief to those with diabetic neuropathy.

These sandals offers a more wider and more deeper toe box as compared to any other ordinary footwear out there so you don’t have to worry about chafing and blisters, it even comes with a gel cushioned suede leather insoles where owner’s have the option to replace it with their preferred custom orthotics.

Gentleman's Neuropathy Sandals

The Gentleman’s Neuropathy Sandals

These fisherman sandals are perfect for supporting the wearer’s arch and it even distributes weight properly so as to lessen any pressure points at the same time improving biomechanics.

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Gentleman's Neuropathy Sandals1

The Gentleman’s Neuropathy Sandals are made specifically for both long wear, comfort and health without you worrying about feeling too exposed with your diabetic neuropathy problem and best of all, it has a textured rubber sole to make sure it grips firmly anytime anywhere. Uses leather strap for that comfortable hook and loop system.

You can buy the Neuropathy Sandals for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.