The Expandable Width Comfort Shoe – a leather oxfords that automatically expand to an E width for a custom fit

The Expandable Width Comfort Shoes are not just unique when it comes to its design but also for providing automatic when it comes to expanding its width in order to provide the perfect fit every time.

Equipped with leather Oxfords partnered with patent pending design and unique craftsmanship, these comfort shoes are durable yet comfortable enough because it has an unanchored toe box partnered with flexible ankle support in order to lessen constriction while at the same time reducing the blisters and chafing risk.

Expandable Width Comfort Shoe

The Expandable Width Comfort Shoe

These comfort shoes even feature cushioned memory foam insoles where owners have the option to replace with their preferred custom orthotics for that perfect arch and heel comfort every time the user steps.

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Expandable Width Comfort Shoe1

The Expandable Width Comfort Shoes are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle including walking from home or their favorite running workout and best of all, it uses Nubuck leather upper and stretch neoprene interiors.

You can buy the leather oxfords for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.