The Classic No-Slip Walking Shoes – tested to provide superior slip resistance on wet surfaces

The Classic No-Slip Walking Shoes (available here) are your perfect answer if you want to have a pair of shoes capable of withstanding any type of surfaces especially those wet surfaces simply because these walking shoes are tested to give the wearer the best slip resistance function every time.

These walking shoes are perfect for use while walking on slick lawns, wet sidewalks and even on melding snow, thanks to its unique rubber outsoles equipped with patterned treads, getting that perfect traction so you can walk confidently on wet surfaces will not be a problem.

No-Slip Walking Shoes

The Classic No-Slip Walking Shoes

These classic walking shoes are designed to provide the best comfort, thanks to its wide toe box partnered with comfort ridges right at the forefoot, walking without worrying about aching feet is now possible any time.

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No-Slip Walking Shoes1

The Classic No-Slip Walking Shoes also features a memory foam toppers, leather uppers and a very supportive EVA midsole and best of all, it has a detachable polyurethane footbeds to make it your perfect comfortable walking shoes every time.

You can buy the classic walking shoes with slip resistance feature for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.