Spring-Loaded Running Shoes – Packed with shock-absorbing springs design to help relieve the stress and fatigue of running

Spring-Loaded Running Shoes [SOURCE] are packed with uniquely designed shock absorbing springs designed to help relieve fatigue and stress of running.

These running shoes uses stainless steel springs capable of returning the wearer’s energy of up to 96 percent from each stride, thanks to its strategically located springs right at the forefoot and one in the heel, now you can run effectively without worrying about stress and fatigue because each impact during hard running is recycled as propulsive energy helping lessen feet fatigue and strain and also lessen recovery time.

Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

Unlike ordinary running shoes out there that uses gel for cushioning, the springs on these shoes will never break down or even degrade, it even comes with injection molded EVA foam midsole that works hand in hand with the springs to provide the wearer the maximum cushioning and resiliency every time.

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The Spring-Loaded Running Shoes also comes with detachable EVA footbed to enable orthotic use while its sturdy TPU shank will definitely provide perfect support and stability even to the most active running.

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