Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Nano 4.0 – A performance driven training shoe for running, workout and rope climbing

Planning for your next rope climbing activity? How about your next workout? No problem, here’s Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Nano 4.0 [SOURCE] athletic shoes, an indestructible yet very comfortable and lightweight to use power packed with the latest technology in order to provide the wearer perfect support.

Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Nano 4.0

Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Nano 4.0

Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Nano 4.0 training shoes is designed to enhance every performance you are having, thanks to the training shoe’s latest duracage technology partnered with ropepro protective wrap and unique absorption shocks, running, rope climbing or even doing your favorite workout is now comfortable.

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This training shoes has a 4mm heel to toe drop and open weave mesh upper for stability and breathability while its multisurface outsole and forefoot and heel pods will simply provide the wearer the perfect traction, cushioning and shock absorption every time.

Check [THIS PAGE] for the rest of the features.

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