Men’s G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes – An all-purpose cross-trainer tuned to handle repeated contact with concrete

Men’s G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes [SOURCE] is not just solid when it comes to how it is constructed but at the same time sturdy when it comes to battling almost any type of solid surfaces, thanks to G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes unique shank partnered with roll rocker bottom, extreme runners can now handle different actions.

The Scossa Running Shoes is design to handle hard contact most specially on concrete surfaces and because this running shoes is so comfortable to wear because of this unique cushioning system, doing some rapid runs, power walks and performing firm stops will not be a problem.

Men's G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes

Men’s G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes

This running shoes also features an air flow microfiber system to keep the wearer’s feet cool and fresh every time and best of all, Scossa’s unique flared forefoot is designed to provide maximum stability and is enhanced to extend momentum specially during linear or even radial acceleration perfect for preserving the wearer’s power so that when it comes to pulling away again from the pack, you will still feel comfortable.

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Men's G-Defy Scossa Running Shoes 1

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