iZUMi Boys Cycling Shoe – Unbeatable Fit and Performance Every Time

Created to provide cyclers an unbeatable performance every time, The iZUMi Boys Cycling Shoe is simply light yet designed with pure run to give any cycling fanatics an out of the box easiness that they can see and feel every time they step into the action.

iZUMi Boys Cycling Shoe features a carefully selected nylon combined fiber plate for that extra light, firm and durable cycling using Pearl iZUMi’s direct Vent-Technology.

iZUMi Boys Cycling Shoe

iZUMi Boys Cycling Shoe

This cycling shoes for boys also comes with an ultra low 7mm stack height designed for optimal support, effectiveness and efficiency in every step plus it even comes with a built-in molded power band for that perfect heel hold.

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-Sale: $79.99 on select options